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Camp Out by ChimeraDemonX
Camp Out
Here, have some moar Senta and Sophia.
Two assassins.
On a mission.
Hiking into their next job location.
And then rain.
So they camp it out like good sports.
Sophi keeps an eye out.
Senta catches a few Z's.
And that is how the assassins do.

Sophia- me
Senta- :iconjabbershire-cat:
Boogeyman by ChimeraDemonX
Here's my OC Sophia in another monster-ish form, a result of her shifting ability. Sophi jokingly refers to her ability to shapeshift as a whole other being. She calls it the "Boogeyman". She hunts down dangerous people, those who have done terrible things. The Boogeyman will punish "children" who misbehave and instill fear in other "kids" alike to prevent future misdeeds. 
Of course, I don't literally mean children... Jeezus... 
Like I said, the wicked peeps.
She beats up/ executes the rotten apples... 
Not the children...
Well, anyways...
Happy early Halloween, my friends.
Keep it spooky.
Don't have too much fun.
Not without me.
But sleep tight, kiddies. 
Shut your closet tonight.
Check under the bed.
Tuck yourself in tight.
Cause Boogey is coming.
Chill Out by ChimeraDemonX
Chill Out
Have some poor neglected Radiomau5
I don't draw him enough
And for an attention whore I think that hurts him
Sorry, Radio, really sorry
But here's my boy
A quick sketch and color
Whatever that's called
Hope everybody's doing spicy hot
I love you 
So sleep with one eye open
And stay alive
Miss Missing You by ChimeraDemonX
Miss Missing You
I don't know why Zombie would ever turn on Viola or Crafty or Radio but I wanted to draw some biz
I imagine him turning on Viola would look somethin' like this
Real bloody
Really scary
And it would end up with Viola being torn in half between saving herself and killing one of her only friends
The person you'd take a bullet for
Is standing behind the trigger

"Miss Missing You" by Fall Out Boy
Shoom boop dee boop 
Have a nice day, errbody
Centuries by ChimeraDemonX
First off, obsessed with Centuries by Fall Out Boy
Like whatthefuckman
I can't get it out of my head

Second off, I just got back from Washington
Had the opportunity to see Fall Out Boy live and I hopped on that train so hard
Holy shit
Holy HOLY shit
One of the best shows I've been to yet and I have high hopes of seeing them again some day
It was life changing and wow I love them
Wow okay wow holy balls 
Jeez... I can't even 
I just can't
So great
How're they even real

Third off, here's Sophi (aka Haze) again
Drew her here with her pal, Senta--…
I just wanted to do something fast and something to the tune of "Centuries"
She's my sort of Marvel OC with the ability to shapeshift through a smoke-like factor thing
Or something like that
This is her full suit, I suppose
She wears a gas mask to protect her identity and, you know, make a sort of humorous reference to her power
Cuz smoke... And gas mask...

Yeah okay
Good night, friends, sleep tight
Don't let the Mothman bite


ChimeraDemonX's Profile Picture
Sizzling like a snare.
United States
Now a word from our sponsor:
Hello, my name is Rhu and I live in the Rocky Mountains.
I draw stuff. Sometimes weird stuff. Sometimes scary stuff. Mostly dumb stuff.
I collect masks and comics.
I dig Deadmau5 a lot and really anything related to music.
Comics are the shit. They are.
Deadpool. I will lose my marbles over Deadpool, honestly.
I love making new friends so please DON'T BE SHY.
Mangoes are my favorite.
I plan on writing screenplays and directing movies one day. Hopefully scary movies.
I've kissed a lot of strangers.
Kind of a weird fact...
Marvel is the cats pajamas in my opinion. The bees knees. The berries.
I work as a barista at our local coffee shop.
I have a Tumblr if you feel like checkin' it out:
I love all of my Watchers. Don't forget that :heart:
My home computer has been riddled with some sort of virus so now it lags like a mofo, making any sort of internet related task nearly impossible. 
So on my laptop as well as my friends wifi network, I'm just letting you know I apologize for inactivity and more than likely future inactivity due to my home computers state of being.
So with that I bid a temporary farewell
Be safe
Don't get ghosted while I'm away
  • Mood: Regretful
  • Listening to: Stutter- Marianas Trench
  • Reading: Some book about alternate realities
  • Watching: (last movie watched) Insidious: Chapter 2
  • Playing: Killing Floor- You should know this by now
  • Eating: Hot Tamales
  • Drinking: Sno-Berry Peace Tea

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